Concord and Cliches
Concord Summaries


Act One: Advent

Sammy Baxa wasn't expecting to wind up in some fantasy land named Theia after going through a near-death experience, but it happened.

Now she's stuck participating in some life-threatening competition that one of the Kings of Theia set up for publicity. At least she's making new friends!

If she wants to be able to go back home, she's going to have to participate in the competition and do her best! It's not too bad, anyways. Sure, her life is at risk, and she's just a bit homesick, but she may as well try to make the best of it! After all, not exactly everyone gets to go to fantasy lands like Theia. Theia's got everything! Like a clingy, pining for your friend with a sword-arm elf, angels who look like cute floating marshmallows, people who are kind of ghosts and kind of dead but not really, cannibal mermaids, and killer pixies.

Meanwhile, Matthew always wanted to be an adventurer. He just never had the courage to become one, and living in an orphanage doesn't make leaving to become one any easier.

Fortunately for him, he meets Cerberus, a Spirit Beast who also wants to be an adventurer! And so, Cerberus adopts Matthew, and they set off on their journey to explore the world!

On their journey, they meet many new people and faces, and even get some new adventurers in their crew! However, their simple adventuring lives take a turn when one of the Kings of Theia invites them to help her out. It's an offer they can't refuse, since they're under risk of execution otherwise. Well, it could be worse. The King could be up to something evil, right?

...Well... About that...

Act Two: Church

"It's up to you what you want to believe."

Act Three: Years

Over the course of years, what happens?

Act Four: Echoes

From the past, something echoes.

Act Five: Thank You, and Goodbye

There was never a problem.

Act Six: Family Troubles

Blood is thicker than water.

Act Seven: Stories

A story for the end of the world.

Act Eight: The World

Home is where the heart is.

Act Nine: The Past

Don't say goodbye.

Act Ten: The Curtains Close