Concord and Cliches


Demon King: A name given to the current ruler or Sarssa. For some reason, the name sounds really evil.
Figaros: A form of currency on Theia that Sammy thinks has a stupid name.
Magic: Sammy entirely and 100% does not know what it actually is.
Markings: Each species on Theia has a different symbol associated with it. Everything and everyone on Theia have markings that match their species, on various parts of their body/structure.
Sarssa: Supposedly one of the largest continents of Theia.
Theia: A fantasy world that resides on a universe alternate to Earth.

Species on Theia
Angels: If there are angels, are there also Gods?
Avians: Avians are winged humanoids. Most are able to fly with their wings, although there are exceptions.
Beastmen: These guys tend to have a lot of physical strength, but are usually sorely lacking in magical capabilities.
Devils: Angels who have unceremoniously went through their fall from grace. Literally! Ha ha ha hahahakjadkjvcdx
Dreams: ...
Dragons: Dragons have both a humanoid and a draconic form. They're basically the best at everything. Unfortunately, they're not the best at not having a dwindling species count.
Elves: Pointy-ear guys with pointy tails. Par for the fantasy course, they are exceptionally skilled with magic.
Fauna: Theia, like Earth, has many different regions, wherein many different kinds of animals live. You can find all sorts of animals, like rabbits, snakes, and giant snake-centipede hybrids.
Flora: Similarly to the fauna, Theia's flora is very varied. You can find all sorts of plants, such as wheat, pine trees, and trees that shoot lightning.
Humans: Your average, run-of-the-mill humans.
Hybrids: Exactly what it says on the tin. Some species, however, are incompatible with others. Avians are the worst offenders, proving to be incompatible with every species except for themselves.
Linked: Linked are those who are, supposedly, capable of speaking with wildddfe.
Mermaids: They live in the sea, they usually don't wear shirts, and most of them like to eat people. Basically, mermaids are dicks.
Spirit Beasts: Not much is known about them, other than the fact that they are intangible and invisible to most everyone until they make a pact with a Spirit-Seer, and that they tend to have naturally exceptional skills all around.
Spirit-Seers: Capable of seeing Spirits and Spirit Beasts, and making pacts with the latter. Their eyes are a shade of blue that is similar to that of a flower that is now long extinct.
Spirits: Technically not a species. Spirits are those who have passed away, and only Spirit-Seers can see them.
Vampires: Stakes to the heart will kill them, but stakes to the heart would kill most things.

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